Exterior Finishing:                                                    Interior Finishing:

1 garage door to entire home/business                         One accent wall to an entire home/business

Aluminum/vinyl/metal/wood siding                            Plaster and Drywall repair

Deck/fence/piers                                                                Wallpaper & texture(popcorn ceiling) removal

Stucco/EFIS/masonry-including chimneys                 Trim and Doors

Screen/window repair                                                        Water and fire damage                                                                                

Garage Doors                                                                         Kitchen cabinets

Shutters/window frames                                                   Woodgraining metal/fiberglass doors

                                                                                                   New construction/refinishing




All areas adjacent to project are protected with drop clothes/masking/tape/plastic. Surfaces to be refinished are cleaned, repaired(filled/patched/sanded/etc.), primed when necessary, then top coated with high quality & applicable product(Hallman Lindsay &/or Sherwin Williams). Clean up is complete when area is returned to the condition it was prior to project start.


2 top-coats finishing:

*1-coat will only be utilized if 'refreshing' a paint job with like product and color.



Acuity Insurance; Painting Contractor, Policy #K74841.



3 years in most situations, under normal conditions.


Lead based paint:

Protecting our clients, clients' families, and ourselves from lead contamination during painting activities. Beginning April 2010, Federal Law requires contractors that disturb painted surfaces in housing, child care facilities and schools built before 1978 to be certified and follow specific work practices to prevent lead contamination. Therefore, ask to see your contractor’s certification. Femal's Painting is Lead-Safe certified, DHS-2122620.





Over-the-phone or email estimates are usually not given, other than to absentee homeowners. The nature of refinishing different surfaces and the numerous variables associated with the project require an in-person meeting.



Available upon request.